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Pal Kappa (A thick Tapioca/Cassava Curry with Coconut Milk), Fish Curry & the hero-Kallu/Toddy

Starting one another section  -  Kallu Shop / Toddy Shop Recipes :

A Kallu/Toddy Shop is a drinking establishment seen in some parts of India (particularly Kerala) where palm toddy, a mildly alcoholic beverage made from the sap of palm trees, is served along with food.

The food served with toddy is very spicy and hot with chilies. The main dish is tapioca with red fish curry. (wikipedia)

The first set of recipe in this section is :

Pal Kappa (Tapioca with milk) & Fish Curry.

Ingredients for Pal Kappa :

Tapioca               :      1 Kg.
Coconut              :      1 No.
Shallots               :    10 Nos.
Cumin Seeds        :      1 Tea spoon
Curry Leaves        :      2 Pinnate
Salt                     :      To taste

Method :

  -  Clean, cut and cook tapioca with salt. Drain water.
  -  Wash well (at least, 2-3 times) in running water.  Keep aside.
  -  Grate and make the coconut into 3 equal portions.
  -  Take 1 portion, add warm water, squeeze and take out the milk.
  -  Take another portion of coconut, add shallots, cumin seeds, curry leaves and
      crush in a mixer.  
  -   In a wok/pan, add the cooked tapioca, coconut milk, crushed coconut mixer
      & bring to boil.
  -  When the gravy becomes thick in consistency, spread the third portion coconut on top
      & season with coconut oil and curry leaves.

Ingredients for Fish Curry : 

1.  Fish
½ Kg.

2.  Ginger – Chopped
2 Tea sp.
     Green Chilli – Chopped
4 Nos.
     Garlic – Chopped
8 Pods
     Onion – Sliced
½ Cup
     Red Chilli
4 Nos.

3.  Coconut Oil
¼ Cup

4.  Chilli Powder
1 ½ Tea Sp.
     Turmeric Powder
½ Tea Sp.
     Coriander Powder
2 Tea Sp.

5.  Malabar Tamarind
    (Kudam Puli)
4 Pcs.
To taste

6.  Curry Leaves
1 Pinnate

 Method :

  • In a wok (or chatty – the vessel with clay, which is using in Kerala, India, to make fish curries) put the half quantity of coconut oil and heat.
  • Add the second set of ingredients and sauté well.
  • Add the fourth set, sauté, then add the fish, water and cook.
  • Add salt and kudampuli (Malabar Tamarind - Garcinia gummi-gutta)
  • When its cooked well, add coconut oil and curry leaves.
The tasty fish curry is ready.  The combination of Tapioca and Fish curry will be a mouth-watering  thing.  
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